Schools of Software Testing: Useful or Negative Influence?

On April 2014 Cem Kaner and Rex Black had a debate on stage at STPCon Spring 2014 titled “Schools of Software Testing: Useful Paradigm or Negative Influence?” about the impact of the Schools of Software Testing such as Context Driven Testing. For historical reference, the debate was transcribed: The Introduction Chairperson: Welcome to the STPCon […]

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Better Tester Training Materials

Last month the Association for Software Testing (AST) announced a new partnership with Altom, the owner of BBST®, that enables the AST to refresh our curriculum lineup with the new BBST® Community Track and help fund the future growth of the materials….

Not good enough

A month ago someone on LinkedIn thanked a website and the person running it for helping them learn. They recommended others use the site. When people in my network commented on how the site wasn’t any good, I took notice. It reminded me of what Seth Go…