GWT Challenge #22

This post is in response to a challenge that was posted on: How to identify the intent of a confusing scenario? The challenge: When faced with a confusing scenario written in Gherkin, how would you engage the other members of the team to understand the intent? We were looking for practical tips and tricks that […]

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The thrill of testing

I gave myself 60 minutes to write a blog about my day and the excitement that testing brings me. For better or worse, here it is. I’ve written in previous posts and articles that I find testing enormously satisfying and challenging. Every challenge is…

Testing Stories

 Testing Stories is a new ebook written by testers about their testing: Software testing professionals from around the globe have volunteered to each share a story related to software testing, with the aim of inspiring others from their experience…


My thoughts from the Panel Discussion – Future of Women in Agile In March 2021, I had the privilege of co-hosting a panel discussion with Ellen Grove. The discussion was sponsored by Agile Testing Days – (Trendig) and the Agile Alliance. The participants were:  Alex Schladeback, Faiza Yousuf, Claudia Badell, Johanna Rothman.  I encourage you […]

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Exploratory Tooling

Last week I started a new job. The team I’ve joined owns a back-end service and, along with all the usual onboarding process, inevitable IT hassles, and necessary context-gathering, one of my goals for my first week was to get a local instance of…